eeai | Announcing our eeai Peer Support Group
The eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland.
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Announcing our eeai Peer Support Group

Announcing our eeai Peer Support Group

Many ecopsychology and ecotherapy practitioners have expressed their need for regular peer support gatherings; indeed this was one of the core reasons for the eeai’s founding.


Given the unique and specific challenges in working with our clients through an ecotherapeutic lens, whether working indoors or outdoors, many practitioners often feel alone in the work.

There is much to be considered when practicing ecotherapy, ranging from the psychotherapeutic to the practical. Tim Bond’s seminal work around standards and ethics in counselling reminds us that;

‘A sense of personal safety is important if the counsellor is to feel secure enough to work creatively with clients’


Join us for our monthly outdoor eeai Peer Support Group in Dublin’s Phoenix Park (free of charge to eeai members) and learn, explore and feel the benefits of gathering with other eeai practitioners.


For meet up details please contact

You can apply for eeai membership here.