eeai | Membership
The eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland.
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Joining as a professional eeai member is simple and straightforward.

Check your eligibility

eeai membership is for professionally accredited practitioners actively offering counselling, psychotherapeutic or psychological services to clients informed and guided by an ecopsychological and/or ecotherapeutic approach.

Application process

After confirming your eligibility, please fill out the professional membership application form below. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your submission. Your request for membership will be reviewed with a response issued in a timely manner.

membership payment

Following receipt of your membership application approval you will be issued a request to make a secure payment via PayPal for your membership fee due. All major credit, debit, visa & mastercards are accepted.

Welcome to eeai 

On receipt of payment of your membership fee you will be issued your membership number, letter of welcome and your eeai resource pack. If applicable, your practice details will be advertised on the website.

Benefits of professional eeai membership

Know that you are a member of an association whose primary aim is to compassionately and sustainably support both ‘human’ and ‘other-than-human’ nature who are suffering the effects of our climate change crisis.

Receive, feel and enjoy the peer support, learning, practical advice and sense of community which comes from being a professional member of an association dedicated to the growth, advancement and promotion of ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland. Peer support sessions happen on the first Wednesday of every month in The Phoenix Park, Dublin.

As a member you are eligible to have your practice advertised on the eeai website and proudly display the eeai logo on your website and stationery etc.

Receive and contribute to the eeai quarterly newsletter with news and information on the latest research.

Have an opportunity to present on a relevant topic of your choice at our eeai community gatherings.

Have your voice heard – help shape and direct not alone the eeai but the development of ecopsychology and ecotherapy in Ireland.

Annual membership fee


(includes practitioner listing on website)

Following receipt of your membership application approval you will be issued a request to make a secure payment via PayPal for your membership fee due. All major credit & debit are accepted.

All eeai membership fees fall due on 1st of March each year. To calculate your fee simply work out how many months are left until the 1st of March next year, (include the current month in your calculation) and multiply it by the monthly rate (currently €6.67/£5.83). eg You wish to pay your annual membership on the 18th of April 2018? As there are 11 months (counting April 2018 as a full month) until 1st of March 2019, your membership fee is 11 multiplied by €6.67/£5.83 = €73.37/£64.13)

Application Form

eeai recognises its responsibility as a professional association and therefore makes every effort to ensure that child protection, our work with adults who may be vulnerable along with the health and safety of all concerned with our association is paramount in our community. Therefore to ensure that best practice is developed and adhered to it is vital to note that only eeai professional members (who have paid the annual membership fee in full) are permitted to call themselves ‘members of the eeai’, or refer to themselves as ‘members’ within the context of the eeai community. For the protection of potential service users, eeai subscribers are not members of the eeai and may not refer to themselves as such. Use of the eeai logo is permitted to be used by members only (subject to the approval of the eeai committee).