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The eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland.
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Announcing our eeai Peer Support Group

Many ecopsychology and ecotherapy practitioners have expressed their need for regular peer support gatherings; indeed this was one of the core reasons for the eeai’s founding.


Given the unique and specific challenges in working with our clients through an ecotherapeutic lens, whether working indoors or outdoors, many practitioners often feel alone in the work.


Meet our volunteers: Aidan Ring

This season’s volunteer bio features our Newsletter Co-ordinator, Aidan Ring


Since graduating from UCD in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts International in Psychology, I have developed a strong interest in Environmental Psychology… and become a pretty enthusiastic environmental activist in the process. As a certified tree-hugger and qualified outdoorsy type, I see the value of nature not only as a place to stimulate calmness and wellbeing for people but also as pretty much the only context which all human beings share and can feel at home in. I have been heard to remark that ‘You can take the individual out of nature but you can never take nature out of the individual!’.


Welcome, Spring Newsletter 2018

The timing could not be better. With new growth and energy, the eeai is finding a respectful synchronicity with the seasons. Having felt the immense power of the snow and storms that just passed us, sunny spring days are back making early green promises and suggestions of hope to both the human and other-than-human nature on this island we call Ireland.


Spring tidings

When a seed of an idea from 2014 was encouraged to grow by the support of a wonderful gathering of people in Phoenix Park in September 2016, We understood that the challenging work of organising and coaxing our fledgling eeai association to life was really just beginning.