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The eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland.
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Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy

Once upon a time, all psychologies were ‘ecopsychologies.’ Those who sought to heal the soul took it for granted that human nature is densely embedded in the world we share with animal, vegetable, mineral, and all the unseen powers of the cosmos. - Theodore Roszak, The Voice of the Earth, 1992

What is ecopsychology & ecotherapy?

The term ‘ecopsychology’ was coined by the respected academic Theodore Roszak in his work ‘The Voice of the Earth’ in 1992. That work has since been described as ‘…nothing less than a psychoanalysis of civilization…’. Ecotherapy could well be described as a form of ‘applied ecopsychology’.


According to the late Martin Jordan, an internationally respected contributor to the approach;


“Ecopsychology focuses on our connection with the natural environment. In traditional psychology, the ‘psyche’ is considered in isolation from its natural environment. Ecopsychologists see this split between mind and nature as being at the heart of our current ecological crisis”


Jordan goes on to describe and define ecotherapy as;


“…a union between the ideas of ecopsychology and psychotherapy. Fundamental to ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within. Ecotherapy uses a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our ‘inner’ nature. Personal distress can be alleviated by developing the mutual connection between inside and outside. Through learning to care for the natural environment we learn to care for and nurture ourselves. Ecotherapy is about personal healing and healing for the earth”


Although the practice of ecopsychology and ecotherapy could still be described as in its early days here in Ireland, it is experiencing continued growth and both professional practitioners and their clients are feeling the benefits of this simple yet effective approach.

References – Theodore Roszak, Martin Jordan, Lester R. Brown.

...the needs of the planet are the needs of the person, the rights of the person are the rights of the planet.’ Theodore Roszak



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