eeai | Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy Association of Ireland
The eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland.
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eeai is a not-for-profit association of people with a love of nature, a shared passion for eco-sustainability and its relationship with psychological well-being.

Welcome to the Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Association of Ireland (eeai).


Founded in 2014, the eeai is a committed ‘not for profit’ community of both members and subscribers, who together introduce, support and promote the practice of professional ecopsychology and ecotherapy on the island of Ireland, both north and south.


We realise the unfair treatment suffered by ‘other-than-human’ nature on account of the actions and behaviours of ‘human nature’ and understand that the resulting climate change is the defining issue of this generation and of those to come.


The natural state of humans is in peaceable co-existence with other forms of nature. When we take steps towards achieving this, we heal both ourselves and our planet.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our eeai community. The numbers of professionally accredited ecopsychology and ecotherapy practitioners available here in Ireland is growing and the value, benefit and healing of such practice is being felt by an increasing number of clients.


By joining the eeai community as a member or subscriber you will be given priority to attend our gatherings, events and workshops, you will be entitled to attend our Annual General Meeting as well as receive and submit articles to our newsletter and other eeai publications.

Our eeai community is made up of:



Professionally accredited practitioners, eg. Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists



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Nature lovers & service users who subscribe to the mission and aims of eeai, from walkers or gardeners to mental health advocates, architects & environmentalists


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Our active eeai members and subscribers who kindly give their time, presence and varied skills to facilitate and coordinate the eeai.


Volunteer with eeai.

Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy in Ireland

Although the practice of ecopsychology and ecotherapy could still be described as in its early days here in Ireland, it is experiencing continued growth and both professional practitioners and their clients are feeling the benefits of this simple yet effective approach. Learn More

Who we are

The eeai community consists of professionally accredited practitioner members (Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists) and subscribers made up of nature lovers, service users, climate change awareness advocates, walkers, hikers, environmentalists and those interested in sustainability. Learn More

...the needs of the planet are the needs of the person, the rights of the person are the rights of the planet.’ Theodore Roszak

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