EEAI | Ecopsychology & EcotherapyAssociation of Ireland
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“Other therapies seek to heal the alienation between person and person, person and family, person and society. Ecopsychology seeks to heal the more fundamental alienation between the recently created urban psyche and the age-old natural environment.” — Theodore Roszak

Welcome to the Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy Association of Ireland (eeai). This Association is inviting new members to embark with us on a journey as we introduce, develop and provide information on Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy services here in Ireland, both North and South.

We are advocates of Counselling Psychology /Psychotherapy, who see the benefits in providing professional services to our communities using sustainable and eco – therapeutic models.

The eeai believes in inviting and involving all the interested members of our communities to have a say in how we grow our services together. We also value input, feedback and membership from anybody, anywhere who has an interest or something to say in relation to the Association. We believe that this approach is holistic and effective.

For further information, enquiries or comments about eeai, or to register free as a Counselling Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Ecotherapist on our upcoming website – please contact us by emailing info@eeai.ieor leave us a message below.

You have a voice – what do you want to add to the discussion?